The southern province of Can Tho leads the Mekong Delta region in the processing industry, with production value reaching over 5.8 billion VND in May, according to the Steering Committee for the Southwestern region.

The procession industry turned out 29 billion VND worth of products for the January-May period, up 7.5 percent over the same period last year, while the total industrial production value in the period came to 31.6 billion VND.

Can Tho province has designed development plans for key industries and products, such as processed agricultural and aquatic products; mechanical products for agriculture; metal, chemical and pharmaceutical products; plastic goods, garment, consumer goods and electrical and electronic industries.

The province is now promoting the application of technology and advanced technique in production. It has also stepped up trade promotion and provides assistance to enterprises in seeking and expanding export markets.

The locality has opened more industrial zones and encouraged economic sectors to join infrastructure development in the zones to further attract domestic and foreign investment.

In addition, the provincial authorities have issued investment incentive policies, pushed up administrative reform, and provided support for enterprises to renovate technology and machineries, thus helping enterprises reduce product prices and raising their ability to compete in domestic and foreign markets.-VNA