The Church of Cao Dai or Dai Dao Tam Ky Pho Do (The Great Faith of the Third Universal Redemption) in the southwestern province of Tay Ninh celebrated its 90 th founding anniversary on December 5.

Attending the ceremony were Vu Trong Kim, Vice President and Secretary General of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) Central Committee, representatives from the Steering Committee for the Southwestern Region, the Government Committee for Religious Affairs, leaders of Tay Ninh province and Cao Dai dignitaries and followers.

Addressing the event, Monsignor Thuong Tam Tam Thanh, Chief of the Cao Dai Tay Ninh Church ’s Executive Council said that the ceremony offers a chance for Cao Dai dignitaries and followers to express their gratitude to the founders of the church.

Over 90 years of establishment and development, millions of Cao Dai followers are now present in 38 cities and provinces with 28 representative bodies and 400 local parishes, he noted.

Since the church was recognised by the Government in 1997, it has followed a progressive religious practice and accompanied the nation, he said, adding that increasingly spacious worship facilities have also given favourable conditions to followers to practice their religion, helping them increase their belief in the policies of the Party and the law of the State.

Acknowledging Cao Dai followers’ positive contributions to the national defence and construction over the past 90 years, Vu Trong Kim said that the Cao Dai Church , as a member of the VFF Central Committee, has actively participated in movements launched by the front.

The VFF official also expressed his hope that Cao Dai dignitaries and followers will promote their tradition and join hands with local governments to build a Vietnamese nation of prosperity and civilisation.-VNA