Key officials from the Central Highlands provinces of Gia Lai, Kon Tum, Dak Lak, Dak Nong and southern Binh Phuoc province have appealed for more infrastructure investment to spur socio-economic development in the Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam (CLV) development triangle.

At a working session with the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Gia Lai on August 23, they suggested the ministry and the ADB prioritise transport infrastructure projects, upgrade border economic zones and improve urban areas, medical services and education-training.

Hailing the suggestions as appropriate and pressing in the current context, Minister of Planning and Investment Bui Quang Vinh promised to give them consideration. This will lie at the heart of the CLV Ministers’ Consultative Meeting for Donors slated for the Central Highlands next year.

While reviewing the overall plan for the CLV development triangle, ADB regional cooperation expert Filologo Pante said 13 regional provinces have recorded higher economic growth rates than expected.

In 2005-2009, the regional economy enjoyed an annual growth of nearly 10.2 percent. In recent years, their economic structures have shifted from agriculture, forestry, fisheries to industry and services.

Participants also recommended several key projects in need of funding to improve local lives.

In 2011-2020, the CLV triangle looks to an annual economic growth of 10-11 percent. The agriculture-forestry-fisheries sector will account for 33.6 percent while industry and construction make up 32.2 percent and service 34.2 percent.

Almost all key national highways run through these regional localities and link them with seaports, which have been upgraded. The network of power transmission has become better in urban and rural areas, providing electricity to neighbouring localities of Cambodia and Laos.-VNA