Cooperative economy model has boomed in the central highlands over the recent years, says the Tay Nguyen Region Steering Committee.

The cooperative model has made considerable contributions to the socio economic development in the region, changed minority people’s old farming habit and renovated rural agriculture, added the committee.

The cooperative economy model has been seen in agriculture, industry, handicraft, transport, services, construction, credit organisation and commerce areas. Cooperatives have been mainly operated in the rural areas of the region.

Individuals, ethnic families have invested capital or properties in cooperatives. They have operated, managed cooperatives by themselves.

Local authorities in the central highlands have offered financial, training and technology policies to support cooperatives in the region.

Provincial authorities in the central highlands have provided working capital, machinery, or land to help ethnic minority people develop their agricultural cooperatives.

The central highlands region has currently attracted hundreds of thousands labourers working at its three cooperative alliances, 949 cooperatives and 10,513 collective units.-VNA