The Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment (VACNE) has recently recognised five centenary trees in the Lam Kinh relic complex in the central province of Thanh Hoa as national heritage, raising the number of such trees to 482.

They are banyan (Ficus bengalensis) and Plumeria trees aged 300-600 years. One of them measures over 3m in diameter and has a base more than 7m wide.

According to the managers of the complex, another 14 old trees growing in the area have also been filed for recognition.

Lam Kinh, about 50 kilometres west of the Thanh Hoa city, is famed as the homeland of national hero Le Loi, who led the Lam Son uprising to fight against the Chinese Ming invaders in the 15 th century.

He was crowned the first king of the late Le dynasty (1427-1789) with the title of Le Thai To in 1428.-VNA