The annual Kate festival of the Brahmin Cham ethnic groups in the central province of Ninh Thuan will take place from October 4-6 with an array of cultural and sporting events.

The festival will feature traditional music performances at major temples and towers, captivating visitors with a display of traditional costumes and accessories at the Centre for Cham Culture Studies.

As one of the biggest festivals in the locality, the event is an occasion for the Cham people to pay their respect to national heroes. They consider God, the maker of the universe, as one of their idols and hence the festival is also a chance to pay homage to the Supreme Being.

Ninh Thuan is now home to nearly 74,000 Cham ethnic people, or 11.74 percent of the local population. Over 43,000 of them, scattered across 12 communes in seven districts, follow the Brahmin religion.-VNA