Circular gives more power to traffic police hinh anh 1The Hanoi Centre for Traffic Light Monitoring (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) - Traffic police will be able to stop and search vehicles, and check their papers and the people travelling in them from February 15.

This is part of a new circular issued by the public security ministry about the functions and competencies of the traffic police. The circular will replace the current one, which was issued in 2012.

The new circular also identifies the cases in which police teams can stop vehicles and search them.

In the first case, a vehicle can be stopped if its driver is directly found or recorded by technical equipment to be violating traffic rules.

Secondly, police can stop vehicles if they are implementing orders or patrol plans of the head of the traffic police department under the public security ministry or the director of the provincial police department or higher–level officials.

Thirdly, police can carry out control and patrol schemes assigned by head of the sub-department of patrol police under the traffic police department, or head of the district police and higher–level officials.

Fourthly, police can stop vehicles if they are asked to do so in documents issued by heads and vice-heads of investigation agencies or relevant agencies in the interest of maintaining security and social order. The document must give details of the time, road and the vehicles to be stopped.

Fifth, police can stop vehicles when they receive reports about violations of the law and the involved vehicles.

According to the circular, traffic police can temporarily take away the driving licence, vehicle registration paper and other relevant papers of drivers if they detect any traffic violations.

Traffic police will also be allowed to use vehicles and communication devices of persons or organisations in accordance with current laws.

In addition to patrolling, traffic police can impersonate or use media records to handle violations.-VNA