German pianist Andreas Boyde and conductor Khac Uyen, a Norwegian of Vietnamese origin, will appear at a concert themed “From the new world” at the Hanoi Opera House on May 28 and 29.

The Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra (VNSO) said on May 21 that both will join the VNSO to play the overture “Coriolan”, by Beethoven and Concerto 21 by Mozart.

The German pianist will play ‘From the new world’, a symphony by the renowned Czech composer Antonin Dvorak.

Boyde was nicknamed ‘Monsieur 100,000 volts’ by critics. His performances have electrified audiences worldwide.

Khac Uyen studied the violin at the Guildhall in London and conducting at the Royal College . He is a widely travelled musician and founded El Cimarron, a Salzburg based group that specialises in contemporary music, as well as making frequent appearances as a guest and associate conductor for several UK orchestras.-VNA