Conclusion on wrongdoings at Vietnam Steel Corp.’s Party organization hinh anh 1At the meeting (Source: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – The Party Central Committee's Inspection Commission convened its 41st meeting in Hanoi from December 4-6, focusing on the wrongdoings at the Standing Board of Party Committee of the Vietnam Steel Corporation (VSC).

The meeting found that the board has been irresponsible and loosened its leadership and direction, inspection and supervision work, thus letting the firm commit serious wrongdoings in the implementation of the second phase of the Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel Corporation (TISCO II), causing great losses of the State money and property. Many officials and Party members involved were handled criminally,  causing huge frustrations in the community.

The commission concluded that the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT)'s Party Civil Affairs Committee was poorly responsible and loosened its leadership, direction, inspection and supervision work, thus letting the ministry violate regulations in the performing of the functions of State management for the TISCO II project.

Then secretary of the ministry’s Party Civil Affairs Committee and MoIT Minister Vu Huy Hoang in the 2007-2016 period is mainly responsible for violations and wrongdoings of the MoiT’s Party Civil Affairs Committee.

Politburo member and Secretary of the Hanoi municipal Party Committee Hoang Trung Hai, during his time as a member of the Party Civil Affairs Committee and Deputy Prime Minister, committed wrongdoings and shortcomings in giving directions for the TISCO II project.

Several other high-ranking officials of the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment were also found responsible for wrongdoing in the case.

Those wrongdoings have affected the Party organisation’s prestige so badly that disciplinary measures must be considered against them.
The commission also reviewed and gave conclusion on the supervision and inspection of a number of other Party organisations and members.

Also at the meeting, it approved a guidance on the inspection and supervision work for Party congresses at all levels towards the 13th National Party Congress./.