The "Cong Troi” (Sky Gate) project offers artworks by Vietnamese artists as NFTs (non-fungible item) at (Still photo taken from the website)
Hanoi (VNA) - “Cong Troi” (Sky Gate), a project offering Vietnamese artworks in digital form, is expected to expose Vietnamese art to collectors worldwide.

The project provides digital Vietnamese artworks as NFTs (non-fungible items) on KardiaChain, a blockchain platform founded by a Vietnamese team.

Pham Toan Thang, founder of “Cong Troi”, said the project creates opportunities for Vietnamese artists to step into the world.

He added that with NFTs, collectors from anywhere in the world can access and own NFT artworks from Vietnamese artists. The items are guaranteed for ownership, uniqueness and global transfer value.

Art lovers and collectors can find their works at

Thang said his team is working with the Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Association, the Recording Industry Association of Vietnam, the Institute of Cultural Exchange with France (IDECAF), and private collectors to build an NFT community featuring more artworks by Vietnamese artists./.