Delegates to the 11 th National Party Congress held a session on the morning of Jan. 18 to discuss Congress documents and personnel selection for the 11 th Party Central Committee.

Politburo member, National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong, on behalf of the Congress Presidium, presided over the session.

Politburo member and standing Party Secretariat member Truong Tan Sang, on behalf of the Presidium, presented a report giving explanations to recommendations concerning the Congress documents made by delegates.

The delegates voted on a number of issues contained in the Congress documents after debating the Presidium’s explanation report.

Later, Trinh Long Bien, Head of the team in charge of vote counting, announced the results of the election of the 11 th Party Central Committee, alongside the list of the committee’s official and alternate members.

One hundred percent of the delegates voted for the results of the election and the list of official members and alternate members of the 11 th Party Central Committee.

Also in the morning session, General Secretary of the 10 th Party Central Committee Nong Duc Manh, on behalf of the Presidium, chaired a section where delegates made nomination of candidates for the post of Party General Secretary. Those candidates were selected from among the official members of the freshly elected Party Central Committee.

In the afternoon session, the 11 th Party Central Committee convened its first meeting during which they elected the Political Bureau, the General Secretary, the Secretariat, and the Inspection Commission and its Director, for the 11 th tenure./.