A training course was opened on February 10 to transfer the Khmer ethnic people’s traditional craft of making hats and masks for theatrical performance to talented and passionate youngsters.

The four-month course aims to preserve and promote the unique craft of the Khmer people.

During the course, organised by the Centre for Educational Exchange with Vietnam and the provincial museum of the southern province of Tra Vinh, artisans Thach Ca Ri No and Lam Phen, who are from Tra Vinh, will teach the trainees the skill of making hats and masks from fabrics and paper.

Apart from necessary equipment, the trainees are also supported with 2.5 million VND per month.

Traditional hats and masks are unique artistic works used in Khmer’s folk performance such as the “Sadam” dance, “A-day” singing, “Robam” and “Duke” opera.

Making the handicrafts requires deep understanding of the art as well as patience and passions. The process has many difficult procedures, including making frames, paper or fabric and decoration.

In Khmer people’s tradition, the craft is usually only passed to family members.-VNA