During a UN meeting on people with disabilities, global music icon and UN Messenger of Peace Stevie Wonder met Vietnamese advocate and performer Nguyen Phuong Anh ( Crystal ) on September 23 to push jointly for greater inclusion for children with disabilities.

Crystal shot to fame thanks to her audition for Vietnam ’s Got Talent that inspired millions with her singing.

Meeting with Phuong Anh, who has Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a brittle bone disease (hence her name, Crystal ), he spoke about their common spirit and commitment to breakdown barriers for those with disabilities.

“I am really going to push everyone to join our world of inclusion,” said Wonder, who is an UN Message of Peace focusing on Persons with Disabilities. “The more people who are doing things that make a difference and are part of this world of inclusion, the smaller the world gets of people who are not committed and ultimately we will end up with a world of inclusion.”

“What’s really important is for everyone with disabilities or others, is to be able to live in a society where miracles happen like Stevie Wonder – and he is a wonder,” said 16-year old Crystal, who travelled from Vietnam for the event.

“I think with support, some developing countries, like Vietnam, which have not yet ratified the Convention on the Rights of the People with Disabilities, should really consider ratifying and make things happen. “

Wonder, who became a singing sensation when he was a child, and Crystal , the teenage singing sensation, hugged, exchanged telephone numbers and promised to keep in touch.

“No one should be excluded because they’re blind, or because of any disability or because of their status or their colour,” said Wonder. “We cannot allow our differences to let our fear put dreams to sleep. This young lady – Crystal – did not. ”-VNA