Cuba's La Colmenita (The Little Beehive) children's theatre troupe will be performing in Vietnam from April 22-23.

Performances of Abracadabra featuring 12 actors will be held at the Haiphong Opera House on April 22 and the Hanoi Workers' Theatre the following night.

The shows will amaze both young and old with extraordinary performances that combine rock 'n' roll and fairy tales.

Abracadabra was written by the children themselves based on a true story. In the play, the children transform into famous characters from children's literature including of Peter Pan, Tom Sawyer, the Little Prince and Pippi Longstocking.

The play is a high-energy musical that conveys messages of peace and justice. With bright costumes and loads of enthusiasm, the children of La Colmenita will bring joy to local audiences.

La Colmenita was founded by Carlos Alberto Cremata to pay homage to his father who was killed in a 1976 terrorist attack on Cuban Airlines flight 455. Cremata's father was very involved in the community and loved theatre and music.

La Colmenita began in Havana as a small community theatre and relied on volunteer help from children, parents and grandparents to succeed. By 1990, 14 years after its inception, La Colmenita had become a fully functioning children's theatre.

The theatre has performed in more than 25 countries across the world including the US, Denmark, Belgium and Bangladesh. It has also co-produced movies such as Viva Cuba ; Y sin embarg (And Nevertheless) and Habanastation which earned the theatre UNICEF's International Centre of Films for Children and Young People CIFEJ award.

La Colmenita was developed with the specific purpose of conveying a message of peace, humanity and forgiveness. As official UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors, the children of La Colmenita are required to demonstrate these values not only in their performances but in their daily lives.-VNA