The names of two famous film directors, Bui Dinh Hac and Dang Nhat Minh, will resound at the Golden Kite 2012 award ceremony on March 13 at the Friendship Palace in Hanoi , according to the Deputy Standing President of Vietnam Cinematography Association Nguyen Thi Hong Ngat.

Born in 1934, Bui Dinh Hac became director of the Vietnam Department of Cinematography. He had a large treasure of feature and documentary films, many of which helped him gain international prizes.

Among his well-known works include the documentary films, “Nguyen Van Troi song mai” (Long-live Nguyen Van Troi), “Sai Gon thang 5 - 1975” (Saigon, May 1975), “Nguyen Ai Quoc den voi Lenin” (Nguyen Ai Quoc comes to Lenin), “Ho Chi Minh, chan dung mot con nguoi” (Ho Chi Minh, portrait of a human), and the feature films “Nguyen Van Troi”, “Duong ve que me” (On the road to native village).

Hac was granted the Ho Chi Minh Prize in 2007.

The other film-maker, Dang Nhat Minh, born in 1938, started his film-making career in 1965 with the first work entitled, “Theo chan nguoi dia chat” (Following the geologist).

Not until 1983 when both his feature film, “Thi xa trong tam tay” (The town is within the range) and documentary film “Nguyen Trai” won the Golden Lotus award, did his name has become popular.

Minh’s most recent success is “Dung dot” (Don’t burn). His film, “Bao gio cho den thang Muoi” (When does October come) also secured a position for Vietnam ’s cinematographers in the world film scene after 1975.

Minh was honoured with the Ho Chi Minh Prize with four films of “Thi xa trong tam tay”, “Bao gio cho den thang Muoi”, “Ha Noi mua dong nam 46” (Hanoi in winter of 1946) and “Mua oi” (Guava Season).

Annually organised by the Vietnam Cinematography Association, the nation’s noblest Golden Kite award has this year attracted the participation of 10 feature films, 18 dramas, and many documentary, scientific and cartoon films.-VNA