All of Vietnam’s 16 economic sectors will need around 7.6 billion USD of investment in environmentally friendly technology, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

This high demand requires a supply of appropriate technology and machinery to create environmentally friendly products and services, the ministry said.

From 2010-2014, total official development assistance (ODA) allocated to environmental projects amounted to 2.9 billion USD. In 2013, 259 million USD was disbursed for this purpose.

Vietnam has adopted suitable policies and has implemented programmes to promote international cooperation in the field. The cooperation takes many forms, from bilateral to multilateral, and focuses on technology transfer.

In terms of solid waste treatment technologies, local enterprises have applied Spanish technology at the Cau Dien facility in Hanoi, French technology in the northern province of Nam Dinh, and Danish technology in Ho Chi Minh City. Most recently, the Xuan Son facility in Hanoi began using technology imported from Fukuoka (Japan).

With regard to sewage treatment, a number of Vietnamese businesses are effectively applying technologies from Japan, Germany, and the US.

Chairman of the Vietnam Environment Industry Association Do Huu Hao said only 10 percent of sewage in urban areas was treated properly and only 30 percent of industrial production sites were equipped with waste water treatment facilities.

In addition to domestic efforts to produce environmental technologies, it is necessary to promote the application of international expertise adapted to local conditions, specialists suggested.

Deputy Head of the Department of International Relations and Science-Technology Nguyen Minh Cuong suggested diversifying investments in environmental protection, which are currently sourced from the State budget, the private sector and ODA.

It is also important to foster bilateral cooperation between Vietnam and international partners by exchanging experts, enhancing the capacity of the involved parties, and adopting policies to develop large-scale companies providing environmental services.-VNA