The Danish Embassy in Hanoi on Oct. 19 hosted a press conference to announce a 135 million USD aid plan of its government for promoting green growth in Vietnam in the 2011-2012 period.

Speaking at the event, Danish Ambassador John Nielsen said that green growth will be a major factor in trade and development support activities.

The plan will focus on developing green growth in Vietnam , including taking measures on clean water, promoting effective energy use and researching programmes for adapting to climate change.

It is expected to help improve quality of water sources, facilitate access to clean water for poor households and take measures to reduce water loss.

As part of the plan, projects on climate change research, national target programmes on climate change and wind energy development in Vietnam will also be funded.

Since 1993, Denmark has been a major development donor of Vietnam , with more than 1.2 billion USD in projects, mainly concentrating on the fields of clean water and environmental sanitation, agriculture, aquaculture, judicial reform and private business development./.