Looking at the agile activities of these bears, few people know that they had terrible times in cramped iron cages with fluids sucked out of their bile monthly. Their lives used to be in hell on earth.

But that painful memory was far away for the bears were rescued and transferred to the Vietnam Bear Rescue Center, which is considered a paradise for bears.

Currently, the Vietnam Bear Rescue Center (Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc) has 193 bears. Of those, 12 are sun bears and the rest are horse bears. They are taken care of by the staff in the center, who provide them with meals and monitor and record their health.

After being rescued and brought to the center, bears will be taken to a semi-wild area to practice the habit of living in groups. The semi-wild area is about 5000 square meters, with lots of grass, a lake, mountains, caves, and swings.

This is a place for bears to play and relearn their wild instincts and habits that have faded after a long time living in a narrow iron cage./.