Doll collection created in honour of Mother Goddess worshipping

Inspired by Mother Goddess worshipping - a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage - designer Van Anh Scarlet created a collection of figurative dolls based on the ritual, called the “Painting of the Four Palaces”.

With a passion for Mother Goddess worshipping, Van Anh wanted to develop Vietnam’s cultural quintessence.

Busy with her work as the owner of the renowned Van Anh Scarlet design brand, Van Anh had to have had major inspiration and patience as well as love for Vietnamese culture to create such an impressive collection.

It takes her around 2 days to do the make-up for each figurative doll. Although each is only 60 centimetres in height, the decorative stages take a lot of time. She said she spends two days on the make-up and four weeks to complete the complex patterns on the clothing.

Each stage, from sewing and embroidering to making the accessories, requires great meticulousness and care.

Her figurative dolls wear different types of clothes. For example, the De Tam Goddess wears white clothes while the De Nhi Goddess wears green clothes.

Through the “Painting of the Four Palaces” collection, Van Anh, with immense pride in Vietnamese culture, wants to make a contribution to preserving the country’s cultural quintessence for the younger generation while helping them gain a deeper understanding of its intangible culture heritage./.