Southern Dong Nai province targets to have 88 out of its total 136 communes and 5 of 11 districts to meet the new-style rural standards in 2015.

Accordingly, Dong Nai will strive to increase agricultural production value by 6 percent from last year and raise per hectare production value to more than 105 million VND (approximately 5,000 USD) from the current 97 million VND. At the same time, per capita income will be bring to more than 36 million VND (around 1,700 USD) while the poverty rate among local households should be reduced to under 0.48 percent.

To realise the goal, the province will focus on restructuring local agricultural sector along the direction of building large-scale cultivation and animal breeding areas for higher products’ added value and sustainability. The authorities will apply policies to effectively mobilise financial and human resources from all economic sectors and from the community for rural development.

The province is working to promote new production models and the development of industry and service sectors in rural areas, alongside boosting the application of advanced farm techniques.

Notably, Dong Nai has built its own new-style rural standards containing 54 criteria compared to the national set of 39 criteria.

The national new-style rural area programme was launched by the Government in 2010, with criteria covering building infrastructure, improving production capacity, constructing public works, protecting landscapes and the environment, and promoting local traditions and cultural identities, among others.

The Prime Minister has set tasks for the Central Committee for the National New Style Rural Area Building Programme to achieve 20 percent of the total communes nationwide (or 1,800) recognised as modern rural areas in 2015.-VNA