National Assembly deputies spent the whole plenary session on November 25 discussing several laws and draft revised laws.

During the morning session, they approved the draft Law on Plant Protection and Quarantine and discussed the draft revised Construction Law.

Lawmakers touched upon the necessity to amend the draft Construction Law, the amendment cycle, planning, investment projects, eligibility for constructional activities, the issuance of operation certificates, construction contracts, design and the management of projects.

The relationship between the draft revised law and the revised Law on Bidding, the Investment Law and the Planning Law was also tabled.

In the afternoon, deputies ratified the Law on Reception of Citizens and mulled over the draft Law on Environmental Protection (amended).

They focused on the cycle of amendments, subjects to the law, environmental planning in relationship to economic planning, commitments to environmental protection, the settlement of pollution, environmental recovery and improvement, and resources for the work.

The Law on Bidding (amended) and the Law on Thrift Practice and Anti-wastefulness (revised) are scheduled to be approved on November 26. Lawmakers will also discuss the draft revised Law on Marriage and Family and the Law on Amendments and Supplements to a number of articles to the Law on Health Insurance.-VNA