Durian, mango festivals in Chanthaburi, Ratchaburi hinh anh 1Durian fruit. Illustrative image (Source:thainews.prd.go.th)

Bangkok, (NNT/VNA) - Fruit lovers are now being celebrated with the season of mango and durian. We’ll take you to the durian festival in Chanthaburi featuring free durian tasting at the conservation place for the most durian varieties in Thailand.

Officials, volunteers, and local farmers have brought some 50 durian varieties as sample offers for visitors to the durian festival in Chanthaburi as part of an exhibition on durian breed development by Chanthaburi Horticultural Research Centre. The centre has been conserving durian varieties for more than 60 years, collecting and categorizing some 600 durian varieties from across the country and planting them on the centre’s field for some 60 years. The durian festival is taking place from April 26 until 28 April from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Now for mango lovers, farmers in Pak Tho district in Ratchaburi have brought out a variety of mango fruits from their garden to sell at the 23rd Pak Tho Mango and Local Goods Fair, featuring Grade A Okrong mango selling at 80-100 baht per kilogram, fallen Okrong mango at 40 baht per kilogram, Nam Dok Mai mango at 20-50 baht per kilogram, Nang Klang Wan mango at 15-40 baht per kilogram, R2E2 mango at 50 baht per kilogram, Rad mango at 20 baht per kilogram, mixed size Okrong mango at 10 baht per bag, and mango jam at 20-75 baht.

A popular mango and sticky rice dessert is also available made from Okrong mango served with three kinds of sticky rice flavored with butterfly pea flowers and pandan leaves selling at 100 baht per kilogram.

The mango festival is taking place from now until 27 April 2019 at Pak Tho district office, Ratchaburi.-NNT/VNA