Domestic and foreign IT experts have highlighted the development of e-government supported by smart infrastructure as the right way to offer omnipresent services for the public.

Vietnam is targeting a modern administrative system and working on an e-government for the benefits of people and businesses, heard a national symposium in the central city of Da Nang on July 17.

Participants took this occasion to share experience in improving online information infrastructure and increasing regional cooperation to initiate more solutions to the e-government development between 2015 and 2020.

An increasing number of smartphone users could set a stage for the transformation from E-government to M-government, which is based on mobile platforms, to access government services, they said.

The 12 th symposium was held by the Da Nang city People’s Committee and the International Data Group (IDG ASEAN).

In Vietnam, 95 percent of ministries and departments, 98 percent of provincial governments, and 54 percent of district governments have applied document management software and online management systems.

By 2015, the country strives to have half of all tax reports and up to 90 percent customs procedures to be done online.-VNA