Enrollment quotas increased for universities with screening regulation hinh anh 1Nguyen Thi Kim Phung, Director of the Higher Education Department, Ministry of Education and Training (Photo: Vietnam+)

Hanoi (VNA) -The total enrollment quotas for universities, colleges and vocational training schools in 2019 increased by 7.56 percent. The enrollment quotas in the pedagogy sector even increases up to over 30 percent compared to 2018.

The Director of the Higher Education Department, Nguyen Thi Kim Phung, talked with the press about these adjustments.

General enrollment schedule to ensure candidates' rights

- Can you tell about the basic new points in the university entrance exam admission of 2019?

Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Phung: The university entrance exam admission of 2019 is basically similar to 2018.

The most remarkable new point for candidates is that this year the health sector with a practice certificate will have its own entry point, similar to that applied to the pedagogical sector in 2018.

Specifically, with the method of admission based on the National High School Examination score, the floor score will be stipulated by the Ministry of Education and Training after obtaining test scores so that the schools have grounds to formulate the admission plan.

With the method of admission based on school reports, students must be certified with excellent performance in grade 12.

As a result, students can still enroll in the medical and pedagogy section by taking entrance exams if they do not achieve excellent academic performance in 12th grade.

Another point worth noting for candidates when considering admission by national high school exam scores is that after the admission results, if successful, candidates will have to submit a certificate of examination results to the university to confirm admission, in order to reduce virtual admission to schools. Candidates who have passed an exam at one school will not be accepted at another school.

This year, the Ministry also stipulates that schools enrolling under the national high school test scores must enroll in accordance with the general enrollment schedule, avoiding the situation that schools enroll before the general enrollment schedule, making it difficult for candidates in choosing school. This is to help ensure that the candidate will be admitted to the highest aspiration.

Enrollment quotas increased for universities with screening regulation hinh anh 2Candidates see information on admission scores for the National Economics University. (Photo: Vietnam +)

Many schools have less than 20 passed candidates

- This year, the total enrollment quotas of universities increased by 7.56 percent. Can you give any basis for this increase?

Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Phung: The quotas for enrollments of universities this year have increased compared to 2018, due to the following reasons:

The first is due to the increased training capacity of the schools. The determination of enrollment quotas is based on the capacity of the schools, the number of lecturers and the level of lecturers and conditions of facilities. When the training capacity of schools increases, the enrollment quota also increases.

Secondly, the number of schools achieving quality accreditation increased compared to 2018, with over 120 schools. As a rule, if a school does not test the quality, it will have to keep the same targets as the previous year, even if the actual training capacity increases. Schools that are accredited and pass quality accreditation will have their quotas increased according to their training capacity. This year, the number of accredited schools increased, so the quotas of the schools increased.

Enrollment quotas increased for universities with screening regulation hinh anh 3

Enrollment quotas of 2019 increases compared to 2018

Thirdly, this year, we initially take into account the offset of quotas for some schools with significant screening rates during the training process to better manage the quality of graduates, creating a competitive edge in the learning process. This is to ensure schools’ tuition collection revenue during the academic year.

- Thank you./.