More than 500 photos and items demonstrating the development of the Vietnam People’s Air Force are being on show at an exhibition that opened in Hanoi on February 27 to mark the force’s 60th founding anniversary (March 3, 1955).

The exhibits are grouped in four main sections showing the Party, State and military leaders’ attention to the Air Force, the force’s establishment, its victory over the US air force, and its role in the national development and protection.

The display, held by the Air Defence-Air Force Service, features items relating to the force’s first victories on April 3 and 4, 1965, when its pilots shot down the US’s F8-U and F-105 fighters, and particularly the air battles on December 27 and 28, 1972, during which the US’s two strategic aircraft B52 were downed by pilots Pham Tuan and Vu Xuan Thieu.

The bravery and creativity of the Air Force’s soldiers in the protection of the country’s sky, seas, and islands as well as in search and rescue missions are also highlighted at the event.-VNA