An exhibition highlighting the presence of Vietnam in French books and newspapers from the 17th century to 1956 was open in France on October 12 on the occasion of Vietnam-France friendship exchange year.

The book covers and extracts taken from over 100 books printed and published in France over the past three centuries were collected by French researchers and scholars working for the Centre for Information and Documentation on contemporary Vietnam (CID-Vietnam) since 1984.

The event helps visitors better understand about politics, history, geography as well as literature and artistic works marking different historical periods in the Vietnam-France relations.

Exhibits also show the early presence of Vietnamese people in France , starting from Louis XIV King’s reign, and the integration by Vietnamese into the French society.

A number of works in French language featuring General Vo Nguyen Giap who passed away in Hanoi on October 4 are also displayed during the event to commemorate the deceased.

The exhibition will run until October 26.-VNA