Exhibition on Tuong art opened hinh anh 1A painting of tuong by artist Phung Nguyen Quang at an exhibition titled Paint the Art of Tuong ​(Photo courtesy of the organisers)

HCM City (VNA) -
Dozens of paintings and sculptures featuring performers and plays of Tuong and Hat Boi (classical drama), a Vietnamese traditional theatre originating in the 12th century, are now on display at the Garden Mall in HCM City.

The works were created by 140 painters and artists in theatre, movie and graphic design. 

The event, Paint the Art of Tuong, was launched by the HCM City Theatre Association and its partners. It has attracted young actors and theatre painters such as Meritorious Artist Huu Danh, Huynh Kim Lien, Nhut Nguyen and Pham Quang Phuc.

A talk show on Tuong hosted by veteran artists of the HCM City Theatre of Hat Boi Art will be organised every night during the event.

Famous traditional plays such as Ho Nguyet Co Hoa Cao (Nguyet Co Turning into a Fox) and San Hau (The Reign) will be staged.

Tuong developed from a folk art into a royal art in the 17th century.

Along with traditional arts such as Cheo (traditional opera) in the north, Cai Luong (reformed opera) in the south, Tuong (classical drama) has contributed to the Vietnamese spirit.

Tuong’s themes include monarchist loyalty and patriotic duty which define the play’s structure, features, language, music, colour, struggles and the personality of the characters.

The art, which consists of singing and dancing accompanied by music, is highly stylised and filled with symbolism.

The works require performers to practise diligently and wear costumes sometimes weighing up to 10 kilos.

The performers use their entire body, from the fingers and elbows to all of the muscles to perform movements on stage. They must have a strong voice to sing and dance at the same time and express emotions of each character.

The exhibition is open from 10am to 9pm at 190 Hong Bang Street in District 5. It will close on February 10.-VNA