Cloud computing would soon become the most important technology used in all aspects of life, experts said at conference held in HCM City on March 11.

"In the near future, cloud computing will help enterprises and organisations save a lot of expenditure for IT infrastructure and energy and provide more suitable applications for users," said Phan Thanh Son, chief technology officer of Cisco Systems Vietnam.

Cloud computing delivers infrastructure, service and software on demand via the internet.

Traditional IT computing needs dedicated consumption, traditional hardware procurement, manual addition of new services and manual repair of system failure. Its provisioning is made on a monthly basis and costs based on incremental purchases.

On the other hand, cloud computing offers shared consumption, self-service for easy use, scale on demand, automated recovery, provisioning on minutes and cost based on pay per use.

Other companies like EMC, VMWare, ADC Krone, Panduit, NetApp and Hitachi Data Centre also shared their experiences on developing cloud computing for different tasks and settings.

Cisco, which organised the conference, said it planned to make it an annual event, providing enterprises with the opportunity to deploy cloud computing applications effectively.

In related news, Vietnam's IT giant, Financing and Promoting Technology Corporation (FPT) has announced it will launch its cloud computing products based on the Microsoft platform at the end of this year.

Late last year, the corporation had set up a data centre with cloud computing applications. The company said it planned to release some management software and other products like eTax, eCustom, eHospital and eClinic into the local market soon. /.