The Bac Ha Market (Bac Ha town, Lao Cai) is organized every Sunday, from early morning to early afternoon. This is the ideal place to explore the peaceful, simple beauty specific to the Northwestern natives.

It is also one of the remaining Northwestern markets that still retains the essential elements of Mong and Red Dao people’s trading culture, which are rarely found in this modern lifestyles. Every Sunday, like clockwork, groups of people begin their journey to Bac Ha town to visit the market on the edge of dawn.

The market is located right in the center of Bac Ha town. This place is where the indigenous people from near and far gather to purchase and trade goods, especially the Mong and Red Dao groups. There are plenty of delicacies in Bac Ha Fair, but the dish everyone should try at least once in their life is the five-color sticky rice.

Another unique dish is the special Mong horse meat offal dish, which is called “thang co”. Recently, the market has been renovated on concrete ground instead of the soil of the sloping hill, but the traditional trading elements and ambience are still present.

Here people can find any products and tools necessary for the daily lives of the ethnic folks. The Bac Ha market honors the unique traditional values of indigeous cultures that cannot be found anywhere else./.