Fact-finding tour aims to boost cooperation among Women's Union with EU Delegation hinh anh 1Representatives of the EU Delegation, partners, and the Vietnam Women’s Union visit a handicraft cooperative in Hoang Trung commune of Hoang Hoa district, Thanh Hoa province, on May 17. (Photo: VNA)
Thanh Hoa (VNA) – Representatives of the European Union (EU) and partners in Vietnam made a fact-finding tour of central Thanh Hoa province on May 17 to learn more about the work of the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) and local women’s needs.

They visited two preeminent women-run livelihood models in Hoang Hoa district and an exhibition of 30 outstanding products made by women-owned cooperatives.

At a working session with VWU officials later the same day, Bulgarian Ambassador Marinela Petkova highly valued Vietnam’s efforts to to promote gender equality and bring into play women’s strengths, noting that she was much inspired by the visit to Thanh Hoa.

She held that the VWU’s enhancement of connectivity with international organisations and partners will help create conditions for Vietnamese women to develop, improve their leadership skills, and boost economic development.

The ambassador added in the time ahead, she will join hands with the VWU to prevent domestic violence, promote gender equality, and carry out cooperation with VWU units at all levels. Petkova also voiced her belief that the Vietnamese Government will further empower women so they can contribute more to national development.

Jesus Lavina, deputy head of the development cooperation division at the EU Delegation, said the fact-finding trip helped him gain a better understanding of women’s roles and contributions to poverty reduction and environmental protection, which are also common targets of the partnership between Vietnam and the EU.

The EU delegation pledged to coordinate with the country to carry out the three priorities in their cooperation framework, namely climate change adaptation, digital economy, and green transition.

At the meeting, the VWU expressed its hope for continued cooperation and assistance from international agencies and organisations in all areas related to women’s affairs.

Priority should be given to boosting women’s economic empowerment; helping women engage in digital transformation and international integration; ensuring safety for women and children; implementing the national strategy for gender equality for 2021 -2030; helping the VWU take part in the building of legal documents and policies related to women, monitor their enforcement, and give feedback; and increasing information sharing and technical and financial assistance, according to the VWU./.