The National Assembly’s Economic Committee convened the 7 th plenary meeting, presided over by its Chairman Nguyen Van Giau, in Hanoi on February 27 to give opinions about the draft amendments to the 1992 Constitution.

Deputies focused their discussions on State economic management, land reclamation, relations between central and local budgets and State investment in culture, society, education, science–technology and the environment.

On the same day in Hanoi , the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) Central Committee also collected opinions from its members on the draft revised Constitution.

Participants agreed that the revised Constitution reaffirms the upholding of the great national unity, which according to them, motivates national construction, defence and development.

Tran Van Ta, President of the Vietnam Association of Certified Public Accountants said the revised Constitution highlights the mastery rights of the people and human rights. It also recognises Vietnam as a socialism-oriented market economy with various forms of ownership and economic sectors that leans towards long-term development, cooperation, equality and competition in line with the law.

It marked the first time that the Constitution has issued regulations on environmental protection and sustainable development as well as mechanisms on three independent constitutional institutions, namely the Constitutional Council, the National Election Council and the State Audit Office of Vietnam.

They contributed their ideas to the role and position of the VFF, the State apparatus and power, social welfare and incentives to those who rendered services to the country, and youth training.

Meanwhile, in a working session with the Yen Bai provincial People’s Council, Justice Minister Ha Hung Cuong stressed the need to collect farmers and ethnic minorities’ feedback on the revised Constitution.

Cuong asked the provincial Fatherland Front to continue raising public awareness of this activity, therefore forging a high consensus to build a law-governed State in a new situation.-VNA