Four well-known rock bands hope to take Ho Chi Minh City by storm on September 14.

Unlimited, Microwave, Pham Anh Khoa&PAK Band, and Bui Gio will be joined by Phuong Thanh, Minh Thu, Siu Black, Ngoc Tuyen, and Kim Loan sisters, who are among the city's few women rock singers.

In a city where people's taste usually runs to pop and dance music, they are expected to perform in front of at least 2,000 fans at the Lan Anh Club.

Their message will be: "Rock is freedom. Rock never dies".

Pham Anh Khoa, leader of Pham Anh Khoa and PAK Band, said: "Through our event, we hope to encourage rock musicians in a music market dominated by pop and dance."

A television celebrity, Khoa declined offers from leading music producers and entertainment companies who wanted to promote him as a pop idol.

"I like rock music. It is exciting and fierce like us, like young people," Khoa, who has been working with his band for five years, said.

The concert will feature soft rock, including some of their most popular works like Ra Khoi (Going To The Sea), Con Hac Giay (The Paper Crane), and Dung Nhin Lai (Don't Look Back), mostly created by young artists like Tuan Khanh and Vo Thien Thanh.

The highlight will be a performance by Unlimited and Microwave, who have worked hard to create a glamorous image for themselves.

"The members of Microwave are as wild as American rockers, but are warm and friendly, not weird," Tran Minh Phong, a fan of the band, said.

The show will open at 8pm at the club at 291 Cach Mang Thang Tam Street , District 10.-VNA