Officers and soldiers on the marine platform GK1/2 at Phuc Tan ground off shore from the southern province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau on May 2 morning cast their ballots to elect deputies for the 13th National Assembly and People's Council at all levels for the 2011-16 term.

They were first voters in the country, casting ballots 20 days earlier than other localities of the countries.

Sen. Lieut. Col. Le Dinh Viet, Deputy Political Commissar of the Naval Brigade 171, Head of the Early Election Mission on the Sea, said that as many people on ships of the naval and sea police forces, marine platforms, oil rigs as well as fishermen are working in the country’s southern seas region, the mission was allowed to organise elections earlier than the day of the elections nationwide.

According to Viet, the process of the elections still follows regulations. Ballot boxes are sealed, strictly protected and handed over in adherance to the law.

Lieut. Col. Le Van Thu, Political Deputy Chairman of the Naval Brigade 171, Deputy Head of the Early Election on the Sea, said that on May 2, the mission went to all platforms in Phuc Tan ground and will go to platforms in Huyen Tran and Que Duong grounds on May 3 to ensure that all officers and soldiers cast their ballots.

The mission plans to complete their trip and return to the mainland on May 20./.