Vo Phi Phap, the owner of a tuna fishing vessel and from Phuoc Dong commune in Nha Trang city, won big after a 20-day journey at sea, catching 70 tuna fish weighing 35 kg each, meeting the needs of his trading partners.

Between January 1 and 17, 35 of the 57 vessels docking at Hon Ro Port, the largest of its kind in the south-central region, specialised in tuna fishing. Each netted 1.5-2 tonnes of tuna with a sales price of over 140,000 VND per kg, bringing high profits.

The year-end sea trips bring fishermen some money to prepare for the upcoming Tet holiday. They will continue to head out to sea during Tet. They believe that these trips will bring fortune for fishermen and, most importantly, affirm Vietnam’s sovereignty over seas and islands./.