The foreign non-governmental organisation (NGO) community in Vietnam pledges to continue working together with Vietnam in its national development, said an NGO official.

Marko Lovrekovic, Managing Co-Director of the NGO Resource Centre, made this pledge at a meeting of foreign NGOs in Vietnam in Hanoi on Jan. 19, on the occasion of the traditional New Year festival.

Lovrekovic expressed his belief that the partnership between Vietnam and NGOs will continue to expand in the future.

He said the NGO Resource Centre has been assisting the foreign NGO community in Vietnam in every field, including healthcare, agriculture, education, climate change and overcoming the aftermath of war.

Addressing the event, President of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations Vu Xuan Hong affirmed that Vietnam always receives effective assistance, support and cooperation from the international community, foreign countries and NGOs.

Foreign NGOs aid has contributed to Vietnam ’s efforts to heal war wounds, reduce poverty, develop its socio-economy and protect the environment./.