The Kubilai Khan dance group from France will perform its “Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright” show at the TuoiTre (Youth) Theater in Hanoi on July 6, according to Radio the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) website.

The performance, as one of the activities to mark the 40th anniversary of Vietnam-France diplomatic ties, will represent the artists’ observations of the continually changing life and construction in modern urban areas.

The Kubilai Khan troupe is made up of dancers from various countries, including Viktoria Andersson from Sweden, Ido Chichava from Mozambique, and Peter Juhasz and Csaba from Hungary, as well as Ikue Nakagawa from Japan and Sara Tan from Singapore.

In the 15 years of its existence, the troupe has developed 20 dance pieces in France and 40 other countries around the world such as Japan, Ghana, Mozambique, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Bulgaria and Finland.-VNA