The Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) will work with the Vietnam Red Cross on a humanitarian cooperation programme, its leader Nguyen Thien Nhan confirmed during his working session with the Red Cross in Hanoi on April 26.

The VFF will begin working on the programme in June, confirmed Nhan, who is both President of the Front and a Politburo member.

In 2014, the Red Cross will establish more chapters in remote, rural and island areas and enhance the efficiency of its humanitarian activities, Chairman of the Vietnam Red Cross Nguyen Hai Duong said.

He proposed that the State designate May as a month for humanitarian activities to encourage the public to perform good deeds for underprivileged people.

President Nhan commended the organisation on its proactive approach in supporting poor and disaster-hit people in 2013.

The Red Cross has been playing an active part in realising social welfare policies across the country, he said.

The Front will encourage its members to take part in Red Cross-initiated activities to mitigate natural disaster consequences, Nhan pledged.-VNA