The Federation of the German Shoe Industry (HDS) has warned that footwear in the German market could be more expensive in next year due to a recent European Commission proposal to extend anti-dumping duties on leather shoes from Vietnam and China.

HDS Chairman Ralph Rieker was disappointed with the EC proposal, saying it would cost the German shoe industry additional 400 million EUR each year and consumers will shoulder the burden.

Earlier, the EU’s Anti-dumping Advisory Committee, an important trade committee in the EU, rejected the proposal.

China has submitted a petition to the World Trade Organisation, saying that the European Union has go too “far”.

Leading retailers, consumers’ groups in Europe and well-known producers in Germany like Adidas and Puma protested because about half of shoes in Germany are from Vietnam and China, which are manufactured under German companies’ orders.

The European Footwear Alliance also opposed the EC move and called an immediate end of imposing the anti-dumping duties.

If approved by EU ministers on Dec. 22, the extension will take effect early next year./.