Germany will provide 289.2 million EUR for Vietnam to implement bilateral cooperative development projects in the next two years, according to the German Embassy in Hanoi.

Of the total, 1 million EUR will be used for flood damage restoration and flood control in the Mekong Delta region, the embassy said on Dec. 15 as it announced the results of the Germany-Vietnam development cooperation talks.

German Ambassador to Vietnam Claus Wunderlich said that since bilateral development cooperation was resumed in 1990, Vietnam has been one of the most important partners of Germany .

The two countries’ cooperation has been further consolidated via the establishment of a strategic partnership which was affirmed in the Hanoi joint statement within the framework of the visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Vietnam in October.

Head of the Southeast Asian Regional Development Policy Division, German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, Brunhilde Vest said the Vietnam-Germany cooperative programme focuses on sustainable economic development and vocational training; environmental policy, natural resource protection and sustainable use, and health care.

At the talks, the two sides agreed to create environmental protection projects and programmes as well as focus on climate change adaptation./.