Government gives further flood relief to Binh Dinh province hinh anh 1​Flooded houses in Nhon Hoa ward of An Nhon township, Binh Dinh province (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – Binh Dinh, the worst-hit province by flood in the central region, is set to receive more assistance from the Government to address flood consequences.

The Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Finance to provide Binh Dinh with more than 1,500 tonnes of rice along with 10 high-speed boats, 70 sets of tent, 1,500 lifebuoys and four sets of water pumping machine.

The relief, sourced from the national reserves, is allocated amidst the approaching Lunar New Year – the biggest traditional festival in Vietnam. Material aid has also been given to Binh Dinh and other south central provinces by the State and people from across Vietnam recently.

The south central region has suffered from back-to-back floods since October 2016.

Floods killed nearly 40 people, injured 10 others and resulted in damage of some 1.9 trillion VND (83.5 million USD) in Binh Dinh, preliminary data show.-VNA