Ha Nhi ethnics’ traditional festival named national heritage hinh anh 1Ha Nhi ethnic women dye eggs red which are among the offerings in rituals of the Ga Ma Thu festival (Photo: VNA)

Dien Bien (VNA) – Ga Ma Thu, a traditional festival of Ha Nhi ethnic people in Muong Nhe district, the northwestern province of Dien Bien, has been named in the list of national intangible cultural heritage.

The heritage certificate was presented at a ceremony held by authorities of Muong Nhe district on June 13.

The festival is practiced by Ha Nhi ethnics in the four westernmost communes of Sin Thau, Chung Chai, Sen Thuong and Leng Su Sin.

This is the most important festival in a year of Ha Nhi people. It takes place in the second lunar month to pay tribute and express gratitude to ancestors as well as the supernatural powers for protecting villages and supporting people’s health and development.

It is also an occasion for locals to relax and celebrate the arrival of spring.

During the three-day festival, Ha Nhi people halt farm work and do not catch or eat wild animals. Aside from worship rituals, they also engage in entertainment activities.

The Ga Ma Thu festival is the eighth national intangible cultural heritage of Dien Bien province.-VNA