A family in Son Diem commune, Huong Son district of the central province of Ha Tinh is reported to own a collection of rare antique objects with some dating back as far as the Tran dynasty (1225-1400).

The Lao Dong (Labour) newspaper quoted sources from Ha Tinh provincial museum as saying that the collection includes 7 ceramic bowls and dishes, which were estimated to be made during the Tran and Le (1428-1788) dynasties. The dishes range from 15cm to 20cm in diameter, and are shaped smaller at the bottom - a typical ceramic design of the period.

The inside and outside of some pieces were covered with bright celadon glaze while some others have brown enamel. The centre of the dishes was decorated with various sophisticated patterns such as concentric circles, lotus petals or stylized creeper.

Le Ngoc Lam’s family is also preserving a 15cm-tall dark-white, crazed-enamel ceramic pot believed to date back to the Le dynasty, as well as an earthenware lime-pot and a tray and a salver both made of bronze of the Nguyen Dynasty. They were carved with sophisticated patterns of phoenix, dragon, plants and ancient Chinese characters. Experts said the bronze objects might be used as worshipping items during the Nguyen dynasty.-VNA