Central Ha Tinh province has made an urgent request to the Government for 80 billion VND (3.67 million USD) in financial aid to help the locality mitigate drought impacts for this year’s summer-autumn crops.

Lingering heat waves and drought have dried up local reservoirs and rivers while ongoing saltwater intrusion in La River has seriously affected irrigation systems.

The province has more than 1,000 hectares of summer-autumn rice crops suffering from water shortages and another 1,500 hectares that have had to shift to more suitable crops. Many communes also reported serious water shortages for daily use.

Many of Ha Tinh’s irrigation canals are in poor condition, making it a costly undertaking to ensure sufficient water supply for agricultural production this year.

It is estimated that Ha Tinh province will need over 130 billion VND (5.96 million USD) in aid to support the summer-autumn crops.-VNA