Foreign direct investment (FDI) flew into the capital city during the first nine months of this year, tripling last year figure for the same period to 999.6 million USD, according to the municipal Statistics Office.

Of the total, 494 million USD came from 190 newly licensed projects while the remaining capital came from 49 existing ones, raising levels of investment capital, the office said in its socio-economic report for September.

The most significant new project was a 322 million USD Yen So sewage treatment plant, developed by the Gamuda Land Vietnam Company.

Hanoi expected to attract 455 foreign-invested, valued at 1.5 billion USD by the year-end, up 76 percent year-on-year and including 390 newly licensed projects worth 760 million USD and 65 existing ones registering to scale up charter capital with a total of 740 million USD.

The city's foreign-invested sector posted its highest industrial production growth rate at 16.4 percent in the first nine months, followed by the non State-owned sector, 11.2 percent and the State-owned sector, 7.5 percent./.