Hanoi detects traffic violations via cameras hinh anh 1A surveillance camera is installed in a street of Hanoi (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) - More than 200 drivers were caught on camera violating traffic regulations, the Hanoi Traffic Police Division reported 10 days after the surveillance camera programme went into effect.

A total of 450 cameras have been placed at more than 150 intersections in Hanoi since the beginning of December.

Under the programme, the cameras record images of the violators, their vehicle plate numbers, and the time and place of the violations, which are then transmitted to the centre.

Police working at the centre then find the violators' identification and addresses, and issue appropriate punishments.

Commander Huynh Tan Nam, Head of the Traffic Light Team under the Hanoi Traffic Police Division, said drivers who fail to stop at a red light or drive in the wrong lane will be fined 1 million VND (40 USD), and his or her licence will be withdrawn for one month.

Major Nguyen Manh Hung, Deputy Head of the Hanoi Traffic Police Division, said that in addition to using images from the cameras, the police also received images recorded by residents that showed traffic violations.

The police use those images as a foundation to issue fines to violators.

The images must be checked carefully to avoid issuing incorrect punishments, he said.

A total of 50 LED screens open from 7am to 10pm every day at the Hanoi Traffic Controlling Centre to receive images and data of traffic violations. Police on duty at the centre connect with the police on duty at intersections to discuss the violations and issue proper penalties.-VNA