A number of heritage items have been promoted in recent years, thanks to efforts by individuals and organisations who are devoted to preserving traditional cultural heritage values.

Established two years ago, the Hanoi Heritage Club has evoked the passion and desire of young people to preserve and honour traditional cultural values, contributing to popularising traditional art performances among culture lovers in Hanoi.

Located in a small lane in the capital city, the club is a place where art performances and seminars on cultural heritage are held.

According to painter, head of the club painter, designer Tran Thanh Tung, in modern times many young Vietnamese people are keen on the Republic of Korea movies, European music and the cultures of other countries, but have limited knowledge of Vietnamese culture.

This prompted Tung and his friends from the Circle Group, which includes five investment companies specialising in applied fine arts, to establish the heritage club, said radio The Voice of Vietnam.

It gathers young people who want to contribute to preserving and promoting Vietnamese culture.

“Vietnam possesses a great amount of tangible and intangible heritage. We have a group of researchers, including those who want to understand traditional culture,” Tung said.

“The heritage club was established as a bridge to link the past, present and future. Through the club, we have an opportunity to access our predecessors’ works and promote them among young people."

Last year, the club organised 23 artistic and cultural events including performances of Xam singing on trams, Ha Thanh street culture, Vietnamese lotus and Vietnamese flutes.

With the aim of promoting traditional cultural values among the community, the club has received support from well-known experts such as Professor historian Le Van Lan, Associate Professor Dao Dinh Duc, and critic Nguyen Do Bao.

The club’s activities have attracted more and more people, Tung said, adding: “Many foreigners who know about Vietnam through mass media and Internet have shared and provided us with documents and introduced us to new friends. Because of this, we can explore further about our past”.

The Heritage Club has expanded its activities. Major programmes such as the Bat Trang pottery village of the past and present, reading culture and the youth, and Dan Bau or mono-chord performances have shown the club’s great contributions and efforts to promote Vietnamese cultural heritage.-VNA