The capital city of Hanoi will employ drastic measures to inspect and prevent environmental pollution in its river basins, industrial parks and trade villages in 2014.

The city will also construct four waste treatment plants that adopt advanced technology this year, while setting up six inspectorate groups to supervise the enforcement of the environmental protection law.

Additionally, the municipal authorities are now working with Hung Yen province to deal with the rampant mineral exploitation, especially sand and soil in the Red River basin.

Education activities will be provided to those who live in the river basins to raise their awareness on dyke protection, while a hotline will be set up to receive information in the field.

According to Deputy Director of Hanoi’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment Nguyen Huu Nghia, there remain many weaknesses in the management of natural resources and environment in the city.

Environmental pollution in trade villages has not been dealt with strictly, while many shortcomings have been seen in gathering dangerous and solid waste, he added.

The official cited numerous reasons for the shortcomings, which include limited financial resources and inappropriate planning of industrial parks and trade villages.

Environment officials are still lacking professional skills to address serious matters in the field, Nghia noted.-VNA