The Hanoi Health Department will inspect the collection and treatment of medical waste in both public and private hospitals and health centres in the city.

The inspection of hospitals, following the results of a recent survey, aims to improve hygiene in hospitals and health centres to prevent the spread of infectious diseases caused by improperly disposed medical waste.

A survey conducted by the health department discovered that local hospitals failed to obey regulations in sorting out, transporting and treating medical waste.

A lack of funding was blamed for difficulties that the hospitals had to cope with in operating the medical waste treatment systems and cleaning the hospitals.

About 3,500 tonnes of medical waste were discharged from hospitals and health centres last year in the city.

The survey, however, found that hospitals had spent a large amount of money to treat medical waste.

Dong Da Hospital had paid 1.2 billion VND (56,400 USD) for cleaning the hospital this year.

This cost did not include expenses of running and maintaining the wastewater treatment system or payment for equipment to treat medical solid waste.

The city now has 41 public hospitals, 29 private hospitals, and 45 public health clinics.-VNA