Hanoi to preserve first human settlement

The Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports has proposed that the capital’s People’s Committee adopt its plan to preserve the Vuon Chuoi archaeological site in Kim Chung commune in Hoai Duc district, which is believed to be the city’s first human settlement.

In its first plan, the department suggests studying the protection of the 6,000 square metre relic area in the eastern part of the archaeological site. A wide range of measures will be sketched out to preserve and promote the value of the sites, while evacuating all relics in the western part before land clearance for the construction of Ring Roads 3 and 5.

The second plan states that the western part will then be preserved like the eastern part, and only flyovers should be built as part of the construction of the ring roads.

The Vuon Chuoi archaeological site is the most important and largest relic complex of the pre-Dong Son and Dong Son Cultures (700 BC – 100 AD)./.