Hanoi voters laud improvements in parliament’s fourth session hinh anh 1Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong (L) meets with voters in Hoan Kiem district on November 29 (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – Many voters in Hanoi applauded improvements in the National Assembly (NA)’s recent activities, especially its fourth session, while meeting with Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and other NA deputies of Hanoi on November 29.

The legislators met with voters in the districts of Ba Dinh, Tay Ho and Hoan Kiem to inform the outcomes of the 14th NA’s freshly concluded fourth session, the implementation of their action programme in 2017, and the action plan for next year.

Most of local constituents spoke highly of the fourth sitting’s outcomes, especially question and answer sessions, adding that the NA changed from a parliament of discussion to a parliament of debate. During this sitting, the Government also straightforwardly pointed out shortcomings that need to be addressed so as to boost national development.

Hanoi voters said they want the NA to continue reforming its activities and shorten its sessions’ duration so that authorities and sectors can focus on implementing the tasks and targets set by the parliament.

Echoing the view, General Secretary Trong said the fourth session was one of the successful sessions of the parliament as reforms and improvements were made in a democratic, straightforward, responsible, and constructive manner.

At the meetings, voters also lauded the NA’s approval of many important laws, including the Law on Planning. They asked the legislative body to closely monitor the enforcement of this law.

However, they also voiced concern about the fact that although many laws were issued, law enforcement is still weak. The issuance of documents guiding the enforcement remains sluggish while there is a shortage of personnel and funding for law dissemination. They asked the NA to keep a close watch on the issuance of legal documents so as to avoid documents that are impractical or run counter to law.

A number of constituents raised opinions on deforestation and mining that affect the ecosystem, the new universal education curriculum and textbooks, teaching and learning facilities, and policies for educational workers.

Regarding the fight against corruption and negative phenomena, they expressed their support for the Party and State’s resolve, noting that once violations are discovered, they must be handled stringently.

General Secretary Trong said this is a big and serious problem on which the Party Central Committee has issued many resolutions. Although many efforts have been made and more methodological and effective actions have been taken, this is a long-term fight that needs to be ramped up.

He called on voters to have greater consensus and determination to join the entire Party, people and political system in fighting corruption and developing Vietnam into a prosperous, democratic, equitable and civilised country.-VNA